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2021 MACC One Love Century Weekend

If you have pictures or videos of your experience you would like to share I ask that you upload or link them into our repository. Please add pictures to one of the existing albums (Kick off, Fish Fry, One Love Century, Post-ride, or Other). Videos must be uploaded to Youtube first before they can be linked to the site. If you have an external photo repository you would like linked, send an email with the link to onelovecentury100@gmail.com and I’ll add your link to the Shutterfly site.
You may need an account to upload content, just an email, and password. if you have a problem send me an email. Please do not modify the structure/settings of the site or manipulate content not belonging to you.

2020 MACC One Love Solidarity Ride

We are doing things a little differently in 2020. We are providing a repository where EVERYONE participating in the solidarity ride can showcase their ride via photos and videos. Just review and follow the instructions on the site!
**NOTE: A SIGNIN is required. If you do not wish to create or have an existing Shutterfly ID,  you may temporarily use this id: ID=onelovesolidarity@gmail.com, PSWD=UPphoto#1.   Please do not use this ID for anything but adding albums/photos/videos and sign-out when finished.
Let’s see what your solidarity ride was all about! One Love and Thank you!

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2019 One Love Century

The site contains 4 main albums, a video section and links to other photos on external sites. The pics in each album are random in size and context and was gathered from multiple sources. If you’d like to add photos please request membership from the Shutterfly site; otherwise, anyone can view photos. Thank you!

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2018 One Love Century


2017 One Love Century

2016 One Love Century  (courtesy of Bruce Morton)

2016 One Love Century  (courtesy of Rod Scriven)