Ayesha McGowan

Can you say, HISTORY in the MAKING!   

Do you know about Ayesha “A Quick Brown Fox” ??!!

Well, get ready to meet her at the 2019 One Love Century!
Ayesha is making cycling history with her goal to become the first African-American female pro road cyclist, ever!  It is a tireless, continuous journey she is on and she has made great strides! If you live in Atlanta you may run across Ayesha on the road getting it in or putting it down in a group ride. You might even catch her in some of the local Atlanta road races throughout the year when she is not traveling the nation. You can be sure her focus is always on meeting the requirements to realize her goal.
Ayesha is also a major cycling advocate, spreading the word and leading by example. She has gained major recognition in the cycling world with the belief that “Representation Matters”. Learn more about Ayesha by following her on social media @ayesuppose on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and last but not least her very informative A Quick Brown Fox Website!  
We salute Ayesha’s efforts and are thrilled to have her lead out the 2019 One Love Century!