2022 Fish Fry Recap

By MACC member Ralph Lyons

Round about 10 am we began falling into formation. 600 or so riders strong in colorful spandex, caps, coordinated shoes,socks and helmets headed out of the Wilkerson Mill Park like a school of Caribbean fish. Some smooth like dolphins, others like powerful sharks with menacing toothy grins and vacant eyes looking to have other fish or just a hill for a morning snack. A police and motorcycle escort was needed to patrol the starting speed limit and protect the smaller fish for a few miles anyway.
As a cyclist of modest talent I’ve learned certain myths: There is no tooth fairy, Santa Claus nor such a thing as a “no drop” ride. At least the tooth fairy leaves a little something under the pillow, even if his existence is unproven. Santa has never brought me new legs for Christmas either.
The route was rolling ribbons of smooth asphalt bordered by lush, humid August greenery without the cityscapes or traffic.
Black and brown Cyclists from all over the US came to Atlanta to ride together, celebrate the bonds of friendship, the free feeling of a spirited ride and the family barbecue-like atmosphere of the fish fry.
One of the original founders of MACC, Curtis Cobb, was suited up and rolling strong. There has got to be some stories to learn over an IPA one day. The ex prez of more than 20 years, Greg Masterson, was there amongst us mortals as well as the able new prez, Dennis Francis on the bullhorn to lead us into the future. The deejay was pumping, fit folks in spandex were dancing, laughing and waiting to hit repeat tomorrow!
History in the making. One Love!!